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Reviews for "FFF: Twilight"

This was different than most episodes. I probably liked it better that way. It's mostly because you have such good CGI. The two characters seem to be done in a different style. I mean, it's hard to think of different style when doing CGI. It's weird to think that it still hasn't caught on, on this website after all these years.

The music was great. It's nice to just have talking. Okay, there was action in it. I'm getting more familiar with these characters. It's hard to tell with such a large cast.

SplashKhat responds:

The character models came right off the FF7 Playstation CD. There's an app that allows you to position each piece of the model and export as an image. It gets tedious since each model has 20+ parts. Myself and Princess Artemis spent some hours piecing together the few poses you saw here.

Nowdays you got 3D toolkits that can import models directly into flash and animate them. I'm looking forward to doing just that for the final chapter of the series.

Really good, but...

I thought that you killed off Nanaki a little bit too early. He's my favorite FF7 character.

Red XIII....

U did the rite thing..........may u rest in peace.......



but im forever on VINCENTS side!!!! HE's SO COOOOL!!!!!!!!

VINCENT VALENTINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

very nice

the one thing that got me was the death of red.
bless his soul.