Reviews for "h2o panic"

so so...

Your game was a little fun in the beginning but it just was too boring. You need to make it more harder and exciting with tons of bonuses and stuff. With many good changes it could be a pretty good game

life responds:

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I think this game was pretty much average. I feel that there should be a single player mode with varying levels of difficulty. I don't know how this game is in actual gameplay because I played against myself (and obviously cheated). The graphics are fine too.

nice music

It was a fun game, but can it be lost, I think I hadd like 50 some lives at the end.

Its ok...

You definatly need a preloader.
I also think the ball that dodges is much easier than shooting.
It is way to easy to dodge and I could get more lives as well when i was the dodging ball. Make it easier to shoot and have AI so you can play 1 player and you will have a pretty good game there. Good luck.

Fun little co-op, but something's missing.....

It's a nice little game and the two roles are quite interesting, but it's missing certain elements that would make it overly fun.

You might think of adding in more options for both players and a variety of game modes, improving physics slightly and adding some nice graphics to spice it up.

Nice game and great concept, with work it will be excellent.