Reviews for "h2o panic"

so keooolll

i enjoyed 1 player then i played against myself and the ball still won...its kinda funny if you keep pressing the turret the ball can lose almost instantly...but its niceeeeee

short but funny

kinda short n boring but really funny

One player's fine

I've never played a two-player game on this website, so it's very nice that I could at least finish this game very easily and with little effort.

haha, nice.

Well I didn't have two players, but this is how a two-player game should be done. It's much better to have mouse vs keyboard than having to get right up against some chump to whip him while we're both using the keyboard, or so I'd imagine, anyway.
I really like that track too...I know I've heard it before. Who's is it?
Oh and the graphics are awesome as well.

life responds:

The song is called aruanian dance from the samurai champloo soundtrack.


the ball always wins that odd...

life responds: