Reviews for "h2o panic"

Hell it's not a bad idea...

If you learned to make a computer opponent, and maybe throw in some other game elements you'd probably get something amazing out of this. Go to the NG tutorial collection and I think they have something there...

Keep up the great work

this was too easy for the ball

all you had to do was bounce around and hit the thing at the top once.
at least make a single player game out of it as well. Not everyone has friends around 24-7.
come on put a little more thought into it

life responds:

that's not what you have to do at all WHAT GAME ARE YOU PLAYING


time to fix lots off bugs in it! the water does not have to reach the top to win and if you press start again the lives off the ball keeps when you, ahum, win. hope i helped you a bit

life responds: