Reviews for "~The Elephant's Lullaby~"

People really lost the idea

The rating isnt based on how bloody or how gory the animation might be. Its about the meaning, effort or thought put into it. This animation, from what i may guess, had a good amount of work put into it. Adding choreography to go along with the music is harder than most people would think. I personally loved it, it doesnt have to be bloody, cuss or kill anybody to amuse me. Good job, its nice to see something clean every once and a while.


A very well done flash with a very catchy tune. And don't listen to the idiots that are voting bad or saying things like it shouldn't be here on newgrounds because NEWGROUNDS IS FOR EVERY AND ANYTHING and if they don't like it though shit you can't always have tits, blood, explosions etc.


Wonderful job, love the song.


When I went to click on this, I thought there would be some kind of catch to it. But this was AMAZING! Not my favorite thing, but even as a young teen, I watched through the entire thing. Sure, we had Waterlolies, but there has never been a flash this charming on Newgrounds before. I'm sure my mom's Pre-K class would love this. Is it ok if she shows this to her class?

Sound-O-Vision responds:

We're so glad you enjoyed it!

It would be wondering if your Mom showed it to her class! Check out TomKnight.com for more music :)


why everyone thinks this is too childdish for newgrounds? read the sign "everything. by everyone" this place its supose to have from the most sick stuff to the most cute stuff.