Reviews for "Don't eat that Sandwich!!"


The people who are voting zero are expecting too much it seems, this is great. It's cheesy YES that's half the idea! Yes the sound quality isn't perfect but if you all will notice in the authors comments he's looking for voice help, obviously quite aware that his sound quality isn't the best. Give 'em a break people! It was a bit drawn out, and the lines did seem a bit forced at times but that can actually make it funnier! :) Just something to keep in mind though.


That's f'ed up, cause I thought this was good. I liked how it was pretty bizarre, the cartoon humor with the glass factory and stuff is kind of a cliche but it didn't take away from the fact that it's funny. Nice work.


Ummm... it really wasn't funny at all to me ><" sorry


I have no idea how this got front page. The art was ok not great... But the plot, voices, and concepts were horrible.

this had nothing origanal

all the stuff he goes through when he opens the soda is just way to lucky. Also the sounds are a little fuzzy. No stars for u