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Reviews for "TRON"


the other guy was too skinney so you couldn't trap him inside a box to defeat him so all i have to say is WORK HARDER COZ DIS IS SHIT

Awesome, but a few bugs

Great game but a few probs:
my enemy ran to bot of screen and didn't die
i would hit right and die for no reason

Addicting as hell!

I really love this game and it's a good rip from a good 80's classic :D

NYWAYZ...I gave you a 10/10 because you caught me and I was playing for an hour or two
but...You have GOT to fix it up a bit
either make a 2.0 or fix this one up a bit
I think you did a solid job, and I gave you a 10 despite the glitches because I know how hard it can be to code this stuff
great job man keep it up
5/5 & 10/10

it could get better

-if there were more sound options. different ones
-background changes
-it would be cool to have an online option
-add some levels to it. i know it isn't the original idea but it wouldn't hert to to add some road blocks.

ovi1 responds:

There already is an option of changing backgrounds, at the options, but maybe i'll make a second version with roadblocks and things like that, and maybe even a level editor

I like it^^

I like Tron. I like your effort. I like your game.