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Reviews for "TRON"


One word... Awesomesauce.


this game is BEAST on very fast

Lines still cross

I know you said lines don't cross anymore, but they still can cross. Awesome game though.


Its simple, but very nice. The gameplay is good on VERY FAST, in the others mode its too slow. Nice game!


It's not bad. Just like every Tron game really, it's very fun. It's defiantly a challenge The music was great, and despite the graphics being quite basic, I think they fit Tron pretty well. Usually you would expect to be on a grid with the Tron type bikes, but I actually liked the change.

The computers are WAY to smart and fast. If you're side-by-side and you suddenly change to directs to try to make them hit the line, they changed directs as fast as you do. Honestly, you need to make the computers easier to beat.

Despite the fact that I like the simple graphics, I think you should have the ability to toggle a grid, with a background that's easier on the eyes, to give it a bit more of a tron feel to it.

The "points to win" doesn't work very well. I set it to "999" so I could play for quite a while without having to reset, and it reset once I got 10 points. You should either increase the cap, acknowledge the cap on the select screen, or raise the cap.

It's a basic, enjoyable, Tron game. It's fun, but the computers are to good. There's a few bugs/errors regarding the "points to win" but overall it's pretty good. I'm giving it a 9/10.