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Reviews for "TRON"


Cumon it was ok! in fact it was quite good! had a reely good ida(although they called them tanks) The idea was great and so was the music although it got annoying...but it was quite good!


Make it flashy, make it 3-D, make it do something cool.

This game is not that great

There's nothing that made it exciting in any ways. Hardly any graphics (which isn't always bad but come on just lines? could at least put a motorcycle at least, simple (and buggy) design, and the AI isn't so smart either


This, honestly, is LAME! (and boring...) I would go for Armagetron Advanced instead of this, but if you add better graphics and a 3d perspective, then this would be WAY better. And also, they are called Light Cycles, not tanks. You also need a default Black background, like the real game. And yes, this is considered constructive criticism. And also, no, i am not advertising Armagetron Advanced, i am mentioning it. Needs work.

ovi1 responds:

With 'tank' I meant the tank in the preloader, of course I know they're called Light Cycles. And if you want flash games to be 3D, well, that's impossible

Fuckig bullshit

My guy was on very fast and i died about one centimeter away from a line. My reaction time is really good so i turn at the last minute (this is my strategy) And guess wat. I DIE. Im fuckin pissed off right now this is total bullshit JJJJJJJUUUUUUUUUSSSSTTTTTTTTT to let you know 0/10 0/5