Reviews for "Doom Triple Pack"

Great work except but:

1) I cannot strafe fluently as I own a German keyboard, the z is out of range -.-

2) the German key "alt gr" toggles some kind of auto-fire, I tried to strafe before reading the description ^^

apart from this (and the wish I could aim with mouse and set keys) ... You did a really really great job. First I thought this was a joke, but ... well I will play it for a while --- really brings back memories ^^

Thank you for submitting this to newgrounds!


It brings back the right amount of nostalgia. Except I just want to know...

How do you shoot someone who is on a ledge and shooting from above?


used to love doom, how the hell did u manage to make this???



yes you're right, it doesnt work on PowerPc Macs.. i'll pretend I actually got to play it and vote 5

Perfect conversion

Everything's fine, just wish there was the music.