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Reviews for "Doom Triple Pack"

no like-y

well, i've played this game in it's original console and i didn't liked it.. i still second that emotion..


even when i installed adobe player 10, it still didn't play. you might need to work on that, you should try getting it to run on a different program. because from past experiences, adobe 10 is pretty unreliable.

i don't know...

eeeh...i think it's maybe my keayboard (european), but i am not able to open doors. the controls are kind of silly, because i cannot turn around correctly. and the was no sound.

good to creat patchs but...

od pretty good i will take my Nintendo 64 and it will do same you just copies some games and the graphics are just Biggers pixels and there too control it was cool to have guns in doom but the chainsaw is nothing about the shotgun... should had more nightmare in the doom game and hereic or something what the fuck is that weapon?? i pitch you yellow ruby ! you will die ! ... serious why you dont do just ONE game and then work more on it and why you dont explain the history of every games? a Doom scene creator is more fun for me because it pretty hard too and when we die it bug youv change the Newgrounds pre-loader for a sprite of a soldier... it just some sprites in the change class game if we take the warrior we die after kill 4 to 5 enemy if we dont take life.

there something positive too you had medals (i think it why it on the front page) and we have cool weapon in doom for more fun we can choose the level dyfficulty level we can choose the class of one or the three games

you just take some sprites of the enemys and everything so no draw realy just the backgrounds

--TO DO--
should do a place to create a avatar and do better graphics fix a lot of bugs.... why dont do some parodies to move up on front page? please read this wow i say all this LOL my bigger comment anyway...

Just didnt like it

I dont know why.