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Reviews for "Doom Triple Pack"

Hmm.. I'm not going to rate you for your skill.

I am rating you being the first to recompile an existing game(one of my all time favorites) so it can be played online through a browser on Newgrounds.:)
I would rate a 9, for any improvement over the original.

The 10 goes to Id and Adobe.


Ran quite slowly, not very "original" but I just love doom and this is awesome. Great port of the original, could you actually run your own wads off this, (in production)?

Kind regards -

Totally awesome!

It's exactly the same, fun and great!
Great job!

Did you script it?

or just re-compiled it using Alchemy?

its great but

in the 2nd level of chapter 1 theres a room with a switch serounded by acid..in the origional game that switch is used to open the secret door leading to the chainsaw..but that switch is suposed to be on a timer and then reset itself ..every thing looked good but that switch didnt reset and i had no chance to get the chain saw >_<..og yeah too bad no music but still a great thing