Reviews for "Cake Master"

Sorry, boring.

The graphics are great. But the gameplay is a little boring. Tracing lines is not that exciting, sorry.

Aside of that though, I was getting some odd bugs. For instance, sometimes the level would skip to the next level without exiting to the level menu. Sometimes this would happen and the remaining time from the previous level would also be the remaining time for the current level. Also, sometimes the level finished by itself... didn't have to hit "done", but sometimes it didn't even if my cuts/marks were perfect.

tasty >.<

Hm... Could take my attention enough to go until the end, and made me want to go to my aunt's bakery to eat something.
In fact, i'm gonna do that right now.


its casual and fun. Its not a stupid cake/food building game like most. It is a bit of a kids game but its still good.

Great polish!

The game sticks to its guns and does what it sets out to do: create a casual experience based on the "building a cake" idea. Thank goodness it's not another Cake Mania/resource management clone!

The game relies heavily on games that require deft skills with the mouse and being able to execute these things quickly and accurately. The game doesn't feel cheap and definitely has a good sense of value and polish to it.

I'd like to point out that one thing people/developers often forget is that little things can make a big difference. If you look at the menu system and general UI, you can tell that it wasn't slapped together as a second thought. It was actually planned out (good flow), well designed and well executed.


Wow, I never thought that making cake was so fun, but playing this game makes me hungry, great job anyway...