Reviews for "Cake Master"


it was fun, made me hungry though :(

not bad

pretty fun, not the best ever though


Man i use to actually do this crap at the stores i hated it then and i hate it now. But i like the look and though that the little quarks where well thought out. But over all the game was boring and never really made me wanna play it threw.


Oh goodness~ I had so much fun with this!
It reminded me of Cooking Mama.
The music....oh gosh. I lawl'd.
Giving a 5/5 but a 9/10 because putting the frosting on and cutting it were too precise and keeping a steady hand can be hard sometimes.
Keep it up the fun :D!

So So game...

I had high expectatives about this game but i soon got bored, the game is repetitive and unaddictive.