Reviews for "Cake Master"

Woo! Sexist Overtones!

Still a very attractive game to look at, gameplay got a little repetitive but you definately put some work into this.

Nice work

Nice work. Gets boring after a while and a little repetitive but it's still a great game.


---Break Down---

Graphics - 9/10
Sound - 9/10
Gameplay - 7/10
Length - 9/10
Difficulty - 8/10

About to fall over from a sugar high...

I like games where a puppy just might turn into a puddle of blood.

I cannot fairly rate this game.

Best of luck.


Sometimes the icing gun got stuck on. This is a pretty major bug.


It was OK. the piping and cutting were a challenge, but the decorating was boring. Even though i enjoyed the cutting, only a spaz would cut a cake like that lol.

BTW let Jessica get some sleep, looks like she hasn't had a wink in five years :P