Reviews for "The Legend of David 3"


This one was a bit better than the last one. I think David's voice is awesome, it sounds funny when he screams and stuff. And the voice for Shiek was awesome. The fighting scenes were allright, I liked the hookshot part. Getting wound up for a finale!

It's ok

not really funny, hate david's voice acting, (shiek's was very VERY good tho) umm and hate the way david's face is drawn pretty much. other than that the animation was decent, the fighting scenes were WELL done (best animated part was probably the hookshot part) sorta disappointed in this..


was the last song from (donjo de naheulbeuk)?Also it's really good I like it

Your fight scenes

Were over the top hilarious...and i loved it.

Very good =]

pretty good

wasn't the best ever but entertaining. "hello, oww" lol