Reviews for "The Legend of David 3"


really makes me dizzy and get me really cofused like i cant keep up.


greatness...thats all i can say

funny!! haha so good

this series is so damn funny!

This one weird series

but I love it. you are pretty good. I also want to know what was the music for the fight with the shadow creatures, and the gorons, it sounded to epic. What was the name of the song. This is an interesting series of a parody from a popular video game. But you did a heck of a job. I just want to know the name of the music from the gorons and David fighting the shadow creatures.

im impressioned

So yeah, didn't think it was gonna be that good. And it was really good. Seriously, I figured it to be some sort of massive super parody (which it partly is) but at the same time you turned it into you're own story, and David, is FAR cooler then Link. Looking forward to the last one