Reviews for "The Legend of David 3"

David is so stupid!

But it makes the flash interesting, I love the fight at the beggining :D
Very well animated, maybe the drawings aren't perfect or the graphics but I can understand it and the fight was smooth :D

this is rated for everyone?

funny and awesome but why the hell was it rated eveeryone?

i agree......

i agree with jore... i am not sure whether i should be laughing... or i should be crying.... (David is not there HERO NOOOO).... but i mean shit its still good.. keep it goin...

I am uncertain

I dont know exactly what your trying too prove.
but i guess its a 8/10
i dont even understand its a serious story or just a plain joke joke joke????
really confuses me

Wow, surprisingly impressive

Not bad Not bad, you crank these things out like they're nothing. I think your animation is definitely getting better, and the scenes are progressing much more smoothly than the first episode. Good luck on the rest then!