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Reviews for "Feudalism II"

remember this game i played this last time like 4 years ago the first one i think.

Far East Empire Unholy Breath and Windy Strike is all u need to capture every city :D

Been playing for two hours......If you start off as a Far East Empire person I tell you now to save up for the stuff at Nagoya,it's OP for 1-4 star fights/city captures.Right now I've made it through the whole game with this stuff I can't take over 5+ star cities yet because of those basically one hit KO's those enemies do.But very very great game :3

This is an amazing game but to be honest a little easy in a way but other than that I vote 5 and say "Keep making these games". Loved it.

Wonderful game. Still playing this after 5 years!
If you start out as the far east empire, it's sorta not fair though.
The ghost shoguns are way too strong.