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Reviews for "Feudalism II"

amazingly good flash game. but a problem- TOO MUCH MONEY! from alll the battles, after selling equpment you find, you just end up with billions of golden coins. its good to have a big army but not bringing an armada with me. HOW DO WE FIT ON THAT SHIP?


Tip for Nagoya 2nd Wave for Non-Archers

Close to your side of the fight, there is a barrel touching the bottom of the screen. Go to this barrel or die; these Ninjas can nearly oneshot at all levels. Wait here, and when one comes to you, simply turn around and fight them one on one(Turning before one gets to you makes you step, and if you get one on each side, your dead)

Great game, but could have been more. Could have been armor upgrading, and the army management could have been better. When placing with the reserves, there should have been an option to "Swap" or "Add". I would put older units in the reserve after conquering a new place, and having to go to the end of the reserve list and place them got annoying.

- Take forest girl
- Complete focus on BOW, buy a ton of the best bowman at start
- Attack villages right away you will level up massively (+10 level on first combat ?)
- When you feel like, attack larger cities still in the forest.
- Buy a TON of elders
- Go north west or south west. defeat capital and buy a ton of their tanky chivalry (seraphim etc.)
- Max up your dex and con.

When you are good, go to Nagoya. Pray to defeat their ninja on second battle. They can nearly oneshot you. Stay in a corner and use a lot of potions. Once you defeat Nagoya, buy a ton of those black shogun ninja and roflol the whole map. Those best are nearly impossible to hit and do oneshot every unit.

I would love this game but i Have to say that it's four stars beacuse i beleive alot of the troops to be used in this game are utterly bs crap it looks so fake how my team of three starts as i fully max out all of the trop slots get mowed down in 15 seconds flat and im left with the whole band of enemies to kill by myself