Reviews for "- Social Stigma"

your a GOD

like the one below said
ALL your stuff is just amazing.
I'm not really in the house genre,
but this is just to good to ignore.

I love Or4nges

At first I heard your song "Walking In Circles" on the weekly favorites, and downloaded it, then I heard Identity Crisis, and noticed your username on that song. At that point I said, "Damn this kid makes sick music!" and clicked your username. WELL WHADDA YOU KNOW! I found this song and I love it too. You kick ass bro. This song and the others are all top notch! Keep it up.

This is what a song should be

Introduction, heavy bass, mixed use of sounds and filler/rhythm and the last shot of bass to finish off.

An amazing piece mate.

Love this so much.

Wow, new to Newgrounds and definitely don't regret signing up now.
Social Stigma's the first track I've heard on here, and I literally love it. Inbox me on my YouTube (ClubstepUK) with a link to your personal Facebook because I've uploaded it onto my channel, I love it that much :) It's the EXACT kind of music I love ahah.

Or4nges responds:

Haha! Many thanks, and welcome to the grounds! Glad you're enjoying your stay :P.


i swear you sent me this like 2 months ago


i liek.

Or4nges responds:

I did send it like 2 months ago. It's been chilling out on my desktop since then lol