Reviews for "- Social Stigma"


Man, Someone should make a game with this song and the level should be space or carnival theme in my opinion! 10/10

Or4nges responds:

Hahaha, I'm thinking it would take forever and a day for me to learn flash. Anyone else, feel free though :P


This track is amazing. I have to ask, whats the synth n stuff use used that came in at around 1 min. amazeballs.

Or4nges responds:

Thanks! The Synth at 1:09 is Harmor. Other than that I used Harmless and 3xOsc.

'nother haiku for you? :P

Damn, make more like this.
This could be played at live shows,
And rock the whole place >:D

For real though, right at 1:09 i could see thousands of people screaming right in front of you. and of course throughout the whole song. but great job on this. cant wait till your next song :P
talk to you later man


my mouse stopped working, so i was stuck on the loop... IT TOOK ME FOR A RIDE!!!!


your a GOD

like the one below said
ALL your stuff is just amazing.
I'm not really in the house genre,
but this is just to good to ignore.