Reviews for "- Social Stigma"

*insert thumbs up of awesomeness*

I couldn't think of anything to improve on this song. catchy intro and then you almost literally have me hooked 0:15 into the song and keep my attention. there's a reason your one of my favorite newgrounds artists and you did one hell of a job. keep at it bro.

Holy shit dude...
I'm speechless!

The climax really surprised me, knocked my off my feet.
Sorry, but I can't give you constructive feedback on this one, it's simply too good!

I've been on Newgrounds since like 08, and I haven't been much on newgrounds for a couple of years now, but DAMMIT! What have I been missing out on!?

It's great to see the relatively new members kicking through!

You got my support!

Favourited track!
Favourited you!

huh, 666 downloads exactly... w/e awesome song

Oh my god, how is your music SO EPIC!!!!!

epic speakers: epic as hell