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Reviews for "Tactical Assasin : sub :"

Very good

Strangely addictive. I like the way the scope can be changed.

Fun and Challenging

Awesome game, I loved the animation. Also, the levels were quite tricky, it entertained the inner hardcore gamer in me. Even though I ended up with a negative score at the end because I couldn't hit the knife correctly the first couple of times. Very fun game.

dont worry

i thought the game was perfect. the knife part i easy if you can actually be PATIENT. it took me 4 tries max to beat it. also, i like how you returned to your roots, TA 2 was good, but the buying equipment part was a bit unnessasary to me, i think this is the best one yet. 1 problem; too short.


please make a fourth ive played all the tac. assassins lik 30 times dood they kick some arse