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Reviews for "Tactical Assasin : sub :"

pretty cool

I liked it.The only reason I could think nobody would like the knife part is because they're afraid of a little challenge.Cool game.

My only complaints are:not enough weapons and it was a little short


This game makes another excellent addition to the series. A few of the sniper missions seemed a little easy compared to a few of the earlier missions, and a little more complexity in these missions would be nice. The addition of the knifing mission was a great new addition, and can easily develope into another great part of this series. I hope to see more of these games in the future.

Good Game.

Though the knife part was pretty challenging its still a nice touch.

it was OK

but it would have been better if there was gun upgrades and ammunition, the knife level was a nice touch, but it needs to be a bit more in depth.

not the best but still great

This game is great i like how u went back to the same style as the first one. But there were a few things that prevented this from getting a 10. it is a little short. I dont like the highscore system. The knife mission is kindof annoying. But other than that this game is fantastic cant wait for the next