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Reviews for "Tactical Assasin : sub :"

good,but worse than the original

liked the original one better because you had more of a variety of upgrades and weapons,it made me feel like an actual sniper on that one.The only thing you get to do on this one is pick your scope,i dont know if it seems stupid but i liked the customizable part on the first one.Knife fight was cool though,i enjoyed that


for the motorcade mission i just shot through the second car's back window and i completed the mission

you should get rid of the knifing its kinda hard

but i finished the game
nice family war too

Almost perfect, but

I would give this nine stars if it was not for a spelling mistake at the start of Mission seven - The Races. The last two words in the briefing read 'beinb protected' when this should in fact be 'Being'.

I like the overall design of the game just like the prequels (Tactical Assasin 2 was the best) and the gameplay is fun and challenging. You should have added more weapons like in the previous Tactical Assasin.

I look forward to yet another sequel and will be sure to play it!
Thanks for a yet another great game.

great game!

Great job the game is both fun and challenging.