Reviews for "Body Ladder"




good idea just terrible gameplay.
yoiu cnt have a game where u aim witht the mouse and move the man that follows the direction it just doesnt work.

stupid ad!

would have given a 9 but that ad is so annoying! next time don't put a large button that someone could accidentaly click

amazing, but...

i love the game but once u get the duelies u should make it soo that u can change ur weapon cuz the chainsaw is a lot more effective then the duelies in close combat. the guns are still good if u wana shoot some1 from far away before they get to u but i die when i hav the guns in a postion where i wouldnt hav died normally

its pretty good although...

its a good game and it has a pretty good idead but when i figured out a way around being hit without cheating i got stuck in the pile of bodies so all i could do was blow up the heads, so try to fix the fact you can sometimes get stuck inside the pile. also move the ad, it really get annoying. also try and have levels so when you get say 50m high you win on that level and you get a choise of upgrades, and that u gain money on how many pepes u kill. an upgrade could be say a new weapon or maybe more grenades or more mind power and what not. also try to invlove more enemys and that you eventually fight a boss. say you find the evil mad man and you nedd to get to the top of another body pile to kill him.