Reviews for "Body Ladder"

good but

the only bad things were no pause and when i got up too 124 i was jut in space killing the zombies with no backround except the baloon and occasional plane. If you added something like the moon or aliens or the space station then i think that it would be more fun as your ladder got really tall


i wish there were more weapons and a shop to get more things like machine gun and flamethrower. also the view needs to be more further away from the character. i would love the game if it had the things in the second one

This was

an innovative game with good animations. The body stacking didn't have any flaws. The gameplay was difficult, to say the least. The pistols were terrible, especially because you made it so you can't attack when you're jumping. Why is that?
You also can't direct where the grenades go, and they take too long to explode anyway.

To make this game better, just let the player use the number keys to select their weapon of choice out of unlocked weapons, and give us the ability to attack when we jump.

hmm. Great!

I am only rating you down cause you made two mistakes

1. no pause button: a rookie mistake that is easy to rectify.
-1 point

2. Ad: This is a horrible thing to do to an active game like this. by the time i gave up at around 250 up, i had 41 of those little basterds open. please make a title screen to put this on!!!
-2 points

other cool things that could have been added, more weapons, gaining more grenades over time. and an ending.


it dosent work for some reason :P