Reviews for "Make happy umbrella man"

I Don't Quite Understand Shanzerion923...

This game is great! The best part of this game is the addicting quality to it because you're basically traveling the world and you want see the rest of what the world has to offer. You see many locals like egypt and London and New York and it is so cute. The gameplay is not that hard to understand, so there is really no need for a tutorial. It is simply pick up and play(or "click" up and play considering the format). All you do is take your magic pencil and draw a line under the guy. Seriously, how hard is that? You simply draw the line through obstacles that you can see ahead as indicated by the green and red arrows to the right of the screen(green represents a safe passage).


the game is just boring and u dont really fell like continually playing. i like the concept but theres no fun to it, and the starting and losing scenes should be skipable. There should be a retry button because the only way to replay is to submit ur score which it should be done automatically and tell u if u bet a high score. i would suggest a bigger screen to play in, but id also suggest that u shouldnt make a sequal a make a new game, but thats my opinion....

good look bad game

boring. the interface and art where all good. the gam itself was not. Ummm make a better more creative game next time.


the gameplay was sort of childish, graphics were good though i'll give you that, if you made it a little less harder it'd be a great kids game...

not really that fun.

for one thing, it takes way too long to load the manu, and when you die there's like a 15 second wait to submit your score or go to the link. i think the load time kind of makes people frustrated when they try to play again. i should know, this was what severely pissed me off. there should be a "retry?' button there and/ or a "retry from last checkpoint?" button (add checkpoints so players can start off from where they died.). another thing- try to make the first levels or so like a tutorial, so players may get the hang of things so they can ACTUALLY enjoy it. the pyramid there was a major bad. i always died there without knowing what to do. and the line energy runs out too fast- i mean what the fuck?!?!??!! you have to hit EVERY SINGLE donut and food item to keep going. why play? your path is pretty much decided for you. make the energy button recharge itself and food items able to make it recharge it faster. it would also be nice if you could have different items, like a different color pencil, (better one would recharge faster, have better handling) and maybe different umbrellas, (that would help you glide faster/smoother/open faster to save yourself-more hang time before falling that sort of thing) and maybe different suits- just for fun. boss battle maybe? -like what gouku88 and Ytaker said. and for the story-maybe he has to get to work? i might be interested in a sequel-but fix these things first. i understand this might be asking much but at least try. thanks.