Reviews for "Make happy umbrella man"

Pretty good

And certainly worth a front page nod. But for the sequel I'd suggest adding a badge system of some sort. You see a lot of 'achievement' messages, but then no notice after you lose of what you achieved? This type of game is lots of fun, but they seem to lack replayability.

Art is awesome, music is awesome, gameplay is smooth as silk, game reacts just as you would expect it to. Just add something to the next one that makes me want to keep playing it till my eyes bleed.

Liked it !

But the gameplay was a bit slow. Ah well... Probably my computer.


This game was almost done atrociously well!!! very good animation, very good game play and all around great game! Now what I would like to see in the sequel would be maybe some upgrades....yes I know everyone is using upgrades these days but I love the custimization!

Add maybe a different drawing utensil...i.e. a pen rights faster but the line is smaller, and a crayon writes slower but the line is thicker...stuff like that!

upgrade the umbrella and maybe add like a jet pack to save him if he falls off...almost like a get out of jail free card when playing. This one should cost alot...
And instead of him eating doughnuts have him go after coins...thats how you can gain currency to upgrade your stuff!

And to the guy underneath me, you go through the pyramid not over it!


The game is amazingly well done!

The music fits perfectly with the tone of the game and graphics, everything's got amazing synergy, its very entertaining, and challenging as well. The sound work is astounding, and i love it.

My one complain is the lack of an option for NOT submitting my score. I would have preferred to be able to choose whether i want to submit my score or retry the level or submit and retry or whatever.
The problem with the lack of such an option is that it messes with the player's patience and that's not cool at all, since it hurts both the game experience AND the replay value.

So i give you an 8/10 because i played it on a laptop and was unable to go past the first pyramid >:(
Nah, really, because there's room for improvement in the playing experience (thus not a 10), and also because i want to encourage you into proving me wrong about my score (thus not a 9).
But to be honest, i think this is one of the better done games I've ever seen on any flash site, if only because of the amount of care in the form. Just for that i could never call this game a bad experience, so please, please, keep up that care and dedication in every future project you may work on. To be honest, i want to give you 9/10, but im stubborn, so i won't. Blow my mind the next time.

Bad cursor!

The game is OK at best... the control is VERY annoying, because of that cursor. Get rid of it, I keep going off the edge of the game or something like it and losing. Also, the game over screen is ridiculously long. Fix that, too.

Otherwise the game could be great.