Reviews for "Make happy umbrella man"

Nice game.

Good, but not great, but anyway im sorry i cant provide a proper review, but i just have to flame about people saying there should be a backstory.

Ok, Do you really need a backstory to play donkey kong? or what about football or poker? If you want a story go read a book the best of which writers compare to the best video games writers like my 10inch penis might compare to a poorly endowed titmouse or you could direct your browser to the nearest torrent site and download somthing called a "movie" any of them really because apparentaly youre easily satisfied.

Bad cursor!

The game is OK at best... the control is VERY annoying, because of that cursor. Get rid of it, I keep going off the edge of the game or something like it and losing. Also, the game over screen is ridiculously long. Fix that, too.

Otherwise the game could be great.


well first of all wat you could get rid of is when you die you could have a restart button (if there's one there sorry i must have missed it) but its awful annoying when all you can do is submit or go to a different site which we dont want to do...

secondly you could make it so that there's like levels in it...not just the whole game in one thingymabob..and lives too...lives would be handy..real good idea...can be touched up in alotta places...

trying to be as helpful as i can here...i dunnno if its any worth but anyway..just saying from my point of view...ok overall 4/5 6/10

Few things here and there...

It was a great game and the concept was really good but i didn't like the fact that after just one try it was game over. Checkpoints would also be pretty good in this game. Other than that it's a good game

What i would like to see in the sequel is a story of why umbrella man is doing what he's doing. and a score system that will give u continues after you reach a certain score. And maybe different modes or mini games just to add a little twist. I hope that what I'm asking for isn't a bit much, but if i see even one of these things in the sequel, I'll be happy.


this game is hard and i would like a lot of thing changed in this but its a good start