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Reviews for "War Machines"

im srry but

this was a good game and all but WHAT EVER I PICK THEY ALWAY PICK THE BETTER ONE. its almost like its cheating. example i choose twister 6 times in a row and he pick earthquake 6 times. next game i choose all 3 types and the computer picking the exact oppisite to win. maybe its a bug or something

Love It!!!

This game is so cool!!! I even voted a 5!!! Make more games like this shuwan cheng!

=( dissapointing

Lol, what happened to the '20 types of power up' and the fighting?

Lol, all it is, is a blank stage

wilsonbb responds:

due to the way i scripted this game, the preloader didnt appear till about 70% of the game is loaded. So please be patient and wait for a while. Trust me it is loading :)

It is too much work for me to change the script but I'll watchout for this loading problem in next game.