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Reviews for "War Machines"

3 points...

First of all...Solelunarwing, shut up. Please, if you are going to hate a game and post about it, send some constructive criticism along with your post. Saying something is pointless is not constructive at all.

Secondly...Average rock paper sisscors with a unique twist, I give it a 7/10

Lastly...+2 stars for upgradeable stuffs and the machine twist itself. Possible upgrades for a future version (if one ever comes out) include removing a partial amount of the luck factor, as it is sometimes soully based on luck. OK, now I'm finished.

Draco out.

This game rocks!

The guy below me doesn't know wut he's talking about.This game is awesome! So this guy below me ,don't base this game on his review,base it on everyone else's


Awesome, original, awesome, and addicting. Oh, and did I mention It's f*cking AWESOME!!! :D


a classic rock paper scissors twist where you can defend yourself or boost attack....nice

Now that is a challange

It is one tricky game when it is just pure luck that give you the right machine againts the weaker, but it a real treat that you also can upgrad soo you can counter when that kind of thing happens.