Reviews for "Madness Scene Creator 3"

Ummmm wtf?

????? This was really weird, i couldnt do anything with it. All you can do it just put down stuff and rotate it. There isnt even legs! All you do is just lay stuff down and thats it. How is that fun? It doesnt even move or anything. It would be better just to go online, find some pictures or something, and put them on paint, because then you can choose what things you want. And seriosly, thats basicly all this is, or at least all that i can find out. If there is a way to move stuff, or another page of stuff that you can make, then there should be a way to acually say about it, if there is one. Still though, i think this is a really bad boring game, i cannot see why anybody would like it.

F1Krazy responds:

There are legs.


ok, that was pretty shit
is the point of the game to just make an image off preferably someone killing someone else? coz if so *yawn*

what the...

what... is... this... no senseless killing... no shooting... this isnt a game... its a waste of time...

F1Krazy responds:

Hey, if you don't like scene creators, don't play them.


It's almost identical to the last one and in any case, isn't it just Krinkel's artwork ripped off, put on a stage with a drag and drop function? The only new feature here is the rotating thing and it turns out you got someone to code that!

F1Krazy responds:

No, I got someone else's code and used that.

These aren't even Krinkels' sprites, they're sprites I made myself.


no point to it