Reviews for "Madness Scene Creator 3"

One of the only improvements...

is that you forgot the SAVIOR!! OMG i cant really make a scene without the saviour i mean really (and yes his name is the savior watch the first madness combat again)

F1Krazy responds:

I know I forgot Jeb...the savior. I tried to find some sprites of him but couldn't find anything. I'll try harder for MMSC4.


i liked all the stuff in it but whare are the musel flashes.

F1Krazy responds:

The what flashes?

to the guy below me

ICP is for white trash and white trash only.

This was fun.

F1Krazy responds:

I'm glad you think so ^^

to the guy 2 below me

isnt that the question of that has plauged man for 2000 years?

F1Krazy responds:

Lol yeah. Thanks for the 10.

6 months??!!

WOW for 6 months on this game .. just wow, I'm not really sure if its not just some bullshit, but I don't think there is any improvement here, I mean it would be interesting if you can at least stop this horrible music, and I think you should try another theme to work on here, I think the rotating thing was a nice touch, but even though you slaved on this, I'd have to be cruel regarding my review, the game led me to nowhere I think at least a time trial mode or other modes in general would be a nice touch, and if you spent 6 months doing this its then its really time to upgrade your animation program man.
I would love to see more and improved submissions from you man.
5 is all I can give this man,

F1Krazy responds:

I didn't spend 6 months on this. If you want the truth, I spent 5 months listening to your suggestions, and 1 month putting them into the game. In fact, it's been 7 months since MMSC2. So there!