Reviews for "RWD: 020 EARTH"

Clean and effective

awesome debut. WELCOME.

Cambo responds:

haha thanks luis, I'm glad you like it and that I haven't been chased out of town yet. Because that was looking like a real possibility for a while.

Global Warming

The animation was great, I loved the movement and the simplistic character designs and the expressions were spot on. The voice acting was and the background music was wonderful. The spray seemed kinda predictable but your timing was great.

Funny stuff, grats on the rwdship I guess.

Cambo responds:

yeah the character designs are just simple because I can't draw, so I don't know if I can take credit for being untalented but thanks.

and yeah the background music WAS AND IS wonderful, you should hire SinJim to score your stuff.


short and to the point! simple and funny for a pick me up when ya need one.


dis shit was stupid

Great concept

This movie is one RWD's funniest.
With great voice acting, animation and music.
This movie is completely loveable.
If only it was longer.