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Reviews for "RWD: 020 EARTH"

it was average

but oh hey its got the RWD stamp on it! so its gotta be good

maybe it had this really deep message but i didnt get it but that doesnt matter!
so im giving you a 10 so you guys will think im cool cos i voted high on a flash thats from a badass crew such as the rwd and then you will consider letting me join you

cos that how you got in right

terribly underscored

that was awesome. I didnt realize the earth was anything more than a ball until the guy sprayed the GHGs; maybe color that in the future?

Cambo responds:

Yeah I've had that complaint a couple of times, but I tried a few colour schemes and they just didn't work with the style of eyes I was using. Instead I tried the shadow around the continents to differentiate the two colours and accentuate the shapes. And, like, the title.

Oh well glad you liked it.


IN YOUR ASS, YOU DUMB EARTH MOTH^#!%$&*!#%^$&*!^!!!


Is that all you got tough guy? *girlish scream* LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hahahha made of winnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Cambo responds:

That's actually a mixture of sounds, but the base of it is my own scream so THANKS A LOT


haha take that beeee-yatch