Reviews for "Strawbrary."


Transfomign to sailor moon was the last thing i actually expected to happen and for that i commend you! Also you did good on the transformation sequense im sure it was a pain to do.

Lmfao, nicely done.

The misinterpretation of -erry and -rary was quite ingenious, great idea. The transformation was almost perfect to the Sailormoon, which made me lol. My only piece of advice would be to either show the Sailormoon transformed StarberryClock beating the S**T out of the kid, or show the whole transformation and then just put a pasted suit on the original clock afterwards, then beating the S**t out of the kid. Either way the idea was great, good job with the Flash.

Fucking RightOn

I will have to agree with 'RancorPlague' on this one it was pretty ingenious but could have used some more violence or nudity.. keep itup!

The clock crew is always funny

LMAO The ending kills me! xD

that's great! nice job!

Emmm... O_o

Abloutely nuts...but I like it)))