Reviews for "Strawbrary."


Wow that transformation was kinda of... u know... gay...

But still good flash.

Lmfao, nicely done.

The misinterpretation of -erry and -rary was quite ingenious, great idea. The transformation was almost perfect to the Sailormoon, which made me lol. My only piece of advice would be to either show the Sailormoon transformed StarberryClock beating the S**T out of the kid, or show the whole transformation and then just put a pasted suit on the original clock afterwards, then beating the S**t out of the kid. Either way the idea was great, good job with the Flash.

Hah! The kid had it coming...

Normally i'm not a huge fan of clock flashes, but this one is suprisingly well made. I'll be sure to keep an eye on more of your flashes, maybe i'll actually get a good chuckle. :)


I was expecting every thing except sailor moon... xD

So beautiful.

That was trule something else! This shows that Clock Crew is more than just B! Beautiful!