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Reviews for "Strawbrary."

God except...

It was entertaining except for the repetitiveness of "said the..".
.. said the reviewer.

ClockRadio responds:

said the review.


nicely limbing the clocks... thats rare to see.

hot twist you put on there... next time less tracing though more original fbf

but over of all it was prety damn original!


HEY!! i know that show!! i used to watch it when i was a kid!!! The whole transforming bit .... ARGH i cant remember what it was called... now uv annoyed me lol
oh well cool flash :)

ClockRadio responds:

Sailor Moon :)

im confused

Wait, theres clockcrap that doesn't suck?

guess I don't watch enough stuff.

Seriously, I kinda like it. except for the end where you can't tell if it's just going to be that song and thats it.

ClockRadio responds:

But that's the fun part!

Wow... I actually laughed

This actually made me laugh...
Though some Clock spam is cool and artsy...
rarely do they make me laugh...

4/5 8/10