Reviews for "B.o.B (DEMO)"


yea... u know, i liked the game the animating and actually the whole demo... the only setback was that i had to wait a MOTHERFUCKING hour to approach an enemy..

None shall pass...

Pretty fun, didn't have any slow down problems, but I have a good pc so. No issues here. Great job!

6 star

6 stars. I think this game is very good beacause of the graphics but maybe you should add a bit more stuff in the demo. Also the only reason i am rating this 4 is because there is lots of other games much like this one.There are a few outstanding other games that i think are better.This game is to slow running, maybe you should make it more fast paced and lively and a different choice of music. You should also add a single player option.


The idea game is great nothing at all wrong with it...

Except for those with slightly slower pcs means that in online play you are much more restricted in movement because the clock is in real-time but the animation isnt, so I had to give it a 5, major setback ;/

Amazing! loved it! My idea

I loved it, fact two guys did all this, Gratz, nice coding to hehe ( thought maybe i'd throw that in there). Anyways i got nothing really big to say, other then one thing you can't help, it takes awhile to find someone when your searching, but i think maybe this would be cool, maybe when moving phase or what ever, maybe when you can move a guy ex. Wizard, and you wanna use a shockwave but there your other dudes in the way, i think you should be able to click on your guy, and move him, just a little something, and if that made no sense My bad.

Great Job keep up the work