Reviews for "B.o.B (DEMO)"

Waist of time

I like the direction of the game. It has a warcraft type system, I dont like how it takes too long to make a move, also when deciding which attack to use, if not done right away, it times out and undoes your last move, (thats ridiculous) that did it for me, I'd wrather close the window and stop playing because that would be a huge waist of time for me. It could be faster too.

i really like it

its just the matches r kinda short dude, and if u made it bigger with tinyer charicters that could give it more of an epic rts

very nice work!

just from the tutorial I can tell that alot of work was put into this and it is a very entertaining game. (feel the wrath of this giant book! lol) 10/10 very nice! I gave you a few extra cause I'm a computer programming major :D


I really like this game, to bad it's only the demo on here. your right, by the way, programmers never get enough credit. even without the full version it's still interesting, though the minute turn is a little fast, oh well. 9 cause it's a demo, but w/e

just great

its just a great game but when i try to play and get into a match the other person just quits and you should upload the full game. and always 10 out of 10