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Reviews for "Shortpacked!"

hmmm not bad

too bad it really was short tho...yes shorttracks..but still..good voice acting and animation


The energy was great, the joke was great and the animation was great.

Of course, it was based on a great comic.

I liked it!

This reminds me of so many people!

I didn't know that before him

Wel .. uuhh...That was cool. I think that the guy on the computer hada funny head. (No offence to any person/s that the character may have been based on) ... Hang on .. (What am I thinking. If there is a person or persons out there who had that character based off them you have a funny head! teehee)

But seriously good stuff! However I didn't give you full marks because it was short. Which is kind of unfair because its a short animation but..life stinks like my brother so you get that.

lol funny...

wait...theres a comic?