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Reviews for "Shortpacked!"

I loled. :D

This is my sense of humor. plus I know people like this. very funny. keep up the good work!


Good comedy and nice animation. It's a bit on the silly side, so it might not appeal to a good chunk of veiwers, but an okay short bit. Not amazing, but good. So as far as this category of animation goes I'll give you an eight.


It may be because I have never read the comic but I found no humor in this, but I may just not have understood the joke. Good animation though and voices.

That's shocking

I was just thinking about going to shortpacked after I browse newgrounds, and lo and behold there is a video with that title. I thought "that's odd, someone must have made a video with the same title of my favorite webcomic, because this cannot possibly be an animated shortpacked strip." I was wrong.
That's why you got a ten, because shortpacked is awesome and I am just so flabbergasted by the prospect of someone animating it that I gave you a ten for I was incapable of seeing anything wrong with this video.

Short but Sweet

I have no idea what he was whispering, but it was funny. It was ALL funny. Isn't that enough???