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Reviews for "Shortpacked!"


great animation um...what was the point in this anyhoo?
it's just sounds annoying to listen to for some reason meh kudos 2 u.

haha, yes!

Its hilarious cuz its so friggin true... i hate people like that
reminds me of one uppers

Thats pretty funny man

even though it was so short it makes me think if i wore a cape and spandex i would be like that only i would write C F I instead of ME i would be Captain Fucking Idiot XD
very nicely done 5/5

Very good.

Forsooth, this submission is highly amusing. Since I did read the strip to this submission a short while ago, it made me laugh to my hearts content. The voices were fitting and did add to the humor of the series. The animations very exceptionally good! Their movements were fluid and you did add subtle things like blinking during this "epic and heroic" monologue of our valorous "I-Knew-About-That-Before-Everyone-El se Man" ! Especially fans of Dave Willis comic "Shortpacked" won't be disappointed by this submission.

so trre...

i think that we all have ran in that guy befor.