Reviews for "How to write good reviews"

wow, never expected to see anything like this

I like it though, Im getting tired of all of those people just making their opinions without actually reviewing the flash. But I do it too so thanks for the "review rules".

Its about time!

This flash was very informative and maybe people will take this into consideration before writing a review! The audio waz a little annoying but it doesn't matter.


this is awesome

this is awesome...just kidding. Thanks for the advice

is this review helpful?

i thought this flash was pretty good because it gives out very good advice. most of my reviews are kinda useless but i hope this one is helpful. This flash is good because it gives out very important adivice that way you won't get banned from newgrounds. keep up the great work. :D


i dont think you can expect to get a usefeul (helpful ) review rating even if you write a whole fcking poetry with all that mentioned or be like 100% positive that your review is pretty dope. it depends on the viewer!!!!

if its a bored person or a minor (or both) or just trying to fck up for everyone - they push definetly on "useless"