Reviews for "How to write good reviews"

I like this game, This games learns you how to made a good review. I will like something like...
Like you are a "Supporter" Of Newgrounds and you want to say some creator (Or you xD) To help he, (or she xD) But you don't know how to made a Review. I liked It of all ways.

Great Game (GG, GG Is Good Game but to me is Great Game xD)
I am ESP. One of my First Times in Newgrounds.
Bye :)

Good "game" is a ? audio, tutorial , game ? Just know that was good enough to help me! It was very good! the music is AMAZING !! Good tutorial! stays that way ! Agora posso falar português fluente aqui ! não sou muito bom em inglês.

This was great! I didnt knew that, BTW... I watched how to get deity and windows viesta :3 Im not disliking it... Also.. Go get a juice if ya feeling thirsty or just a hamburger if u hungry while reading this :33 Bro... You are a great helper! :P
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P.S Make more of that if you know more

thanks man

Well I learned a lot. Make it a bit bigger however.
I like this post even tough it is not a game.


good but you should state the difference between an abusive reveiw and a useless one