Reviews for "How to write good reviews"

Its about time!

This flash was very informative and maybe people will take this into consideration before writing a review! The audio waz a little annoying but it doesn't matter.


is this review helpful?

i thought this flash was pretty good because it gives out very good advice. most of my reviews are kinda useless but i hope this one is helpful. This flash is good because it gives out very important adivice that way you won't get banned from newgrounds. keep up the great work. :D

I like this game, This games learns you how to made a good review. I will like something like...
Like you are a "Supporter" Of Newgrounds and you want to say some creator (Or you xD) To help he, (or she xD) But you don't know how to made a Review. I liked It of all ways.

Great Game (GG, GG Is Good Game but to me is Great Game xD)
I am ESP. One of my First Times in Newgrounds.
Bye :)

Short, sweet and to the Point

Newgrounds really needs a game/vid like this. I have seen way too many people posting crappy comments. Good job.

This is helpful!

I'm going to write some quality reviews! Yay! But really, this flash was quite helpful and gives me a better idea of how my reviews should look like.