Reviews for "Escape from Crystal Lake"

This was a good game. I loved the mechanics and mini game and the soundtrack was very good. #DancinJason

That was hilarious! When Jason first showed up, I didn't fight back because I thought he was just dancing for me. It wasn't until he punched me twice that I realized it wasn't a dance... But those moves and that music are the funkiest. Made me laugh, so five stars go to you, sir.

I love this game! Its so awesome!! Also I found all the files and unlocked cabin 3 and got Jason's machete!!!

cool game too hard but fun

that wasnt Jason Voorheese that was Michael Jackson in a hockey mask and jumpsuit...

I dont know why this was rated M, one dead body and some blood trails, I dont even think this is a T rated game lol..

Idk, expected more from this, being Friday the 13th and all, was kind of disappointed with the lack of stuff to do in the game and it not having any scare factors, or any real horror components to it at all..