Reviews for "Escape from Crystal Lake"


this game is just like Friday the 13th! well done ninja of Afros X3

Another good horror classic, I think I like this one more than Elm Street as it has more exploration and is generally longer, plus the secret reward you get for getting all the secret items. :)

(I think it's just a key to get into one house that has a better weapon to use against Jason and some Movie Promo stuff. Kind of interesting and useful, but nothing too special like a secret ending. :p No medal either. :()

The first time Jason popped up it scared the crap out of me, I didn't expect to see him there. XD

Also, the dead body was kind of creepy. o.O But not too creepy, and it's kind of expected anyway. :p

based on a horror movie "Friday the 13th"

Always one of my favorite games, but please add in keyboard support for your letterdrop mini games. Otherwise, this game is great, walkthrough makes it easier, and not very much to complain about!